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26th April 2015
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If you eat sushi you have come to the right place.

Here at sushi shrine you can find everything you ever needed to know about sushi.

Discover the history and origin of sushi and how susi has modernized over the years.

Learn traditional sushi etiquette and the correct terminology and in our sushi A-Z and become a pro at the sushi bar.

Would you like to be able to make sushi at home? Get free online video training and learn how to make your favorite dishes.

Find a delicious sushi recipe or share your with others in our forum.

Find sushi bars and restaurants in your area with our comprehensive directory.


Sushi Shrine relies on sushi experts and fanatics to provide new and exciting articles, advice and information.

If you share an interest in sushi then we would be honored to have you onboard.

Our online community is rapidly growing and attracting sushi lovers from all over the world.

Become part of the Sushi Shrine Team!

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